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It is nonsense, says reason. It is what it is, says love. It is
what all the rest of the world sees.

It is what none of us see.

It is not real, says reason. It is all around us, but it is not what it is.
It is nothing more than a delusion.

It is the same thing every time it is mentioned.

It is a fantasy. It is a lie.

That is the trouble with this kind of reasoning.

It has its place. It is the place of the ordinary and the normal. It is
the place of the rational and the truthful. But it is also the place of the
deluded and the irrational.

It is not so easy to give up the idea that our knowledge of other people is
not as real as our own. [AI text]

Europasfarben are limited edition collector items. After your payment is received, we will send you a link from where you can download a set of files and documents:

  • The confirmation of your purchase and the invoice.
  • A high resolution image file. Take it to your trusted print-store to create wonderful high resolution prints for your personal use (up to three are allowed).
  • A personal certificate of authenticity with your name, certifying your ownership. It is numbered, named and digitally signed with a trusted and legal binding digital signature (by D-Trust, a Bundesdruckerei Company, the German FED equivalent with the highest trust standards). Optional we can assign an NFT to it.
  • Two digital models of the work, one for iPhones the other for Android. When travelling, you can carry the objects wherever you go and view them as augmented reality everywhere you go!

We handle every sale personal and individual, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some special arrangements.