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EuropasFarben: Immerse Yourself in the Soul-Stirring Beauty of Europe

Collection of Claus Siebeneicher’s famous photographies

Welcome to EuropasFarben, where each image transcends mere art to become an essential experience, a gateway to heightened emotions and profound satisfaction. Created by the visionary Claus Siebeneicher, this collection isn’t just about capturing scenes; it’s about capturing souls—both of the landscapes and of those who gaze upon them.


with augmented reality (AR) viewing roomAR support Find your perfect match, make a snapshot or clip and show it to your friends. Improve your home or office with beautiful, meditative art!

Discover Beauty Beyond the Visible

Every piece in the EuropasFarben collection is a masterclass in the emotional language of color. Here, the usual greens of a forest or the blues of an ocean are reimagined into vibrant expressions that talk directly to your heart. Why settle for simple depiction when you can engage with art that evokes, that stirs, that moves you?

A Symphony of Colors Meant for You

Imagine a work of art so dynamic and so in tune with your innermost feelings that it seems to dance on your walls, bringing light, energy, and serenity into your life. Owning a EuropasFarben piece means more than just decorating a space; it means curating an environment that continuously inspires and rejuvenates your spirit.

Join a Visionary Journey Across Europe

With EuropasFarben, embark on a sensory journey that spans the majestic landscapes of Europe—from the stark beauty of Nordic ice to the lush warmth of Mediterranean shores. Each color, each stroke of Siebeneicher’s lens is a patch in the quilt of Europe’s diverse beauty, stitched together through the unifying language of abstract art.

Well-Being Through Color

Studies have shown that certain colors can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and even productivity. EuropasFarben taps into this psychological impact, offering you not just decor, but a tool for daily well-being. Enhance your living space with artworks known to inspire peace, happiness, and creative thinking.

Sustainable Art for a Conscious Future

Choose EuropasFarben and invest in a future where art meets ecological responsibility. Our digital licensing model supports this vision, allowing you to enjoy high-quality local prints while reducing your carbon footprint and fostering local economies.

Personalize, Participate, and Prosper

Beyond aesthetics, EuropasFarben offers an interactive experience that allows you to tailor each piece to your liking, ensuring that what you bring into your home resonates with your personal style and values. Use our innovative AR tool to experiment with placement and size, making each artwork truly yours.

Experience EuropasFarben: Where Every Color Tells a Story

Join us not just in observing the world but in feeling it deeply. Each image invites you to a dialogue with beauty, where each viewing yields new insights and renewed inspiration. This is not just art. This is EuropasFarben.

Connect with the pulsating heart of Europe through our collection. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to share your journey, connect with fellow art lovers, and discover the endless emotional landscapes that await at EuropasFarben.

Augmented Reality: See, Feel, Transform

Our cutting-edge AR viewing tool invites you to visualize how each piece of this extraordinary collection interacts with your personal environment. Engage with the art in your space even before making it your own, ensuring that each choice is not just a purchase but a perfect fit for your life’s palette.