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EuropasFarben: Capturing the Essence of Europe Through Abstract Colourscapes

Collection of Claus Siebeneicher’s famous photographies

Discover the extraordinary EuropasFarben collection, where the essence of Europe’s landscapes is captured not through traditional photography, but through a mesmerizing play of natural colors. Claus Siebeneicher’s unique vision transforms the mundane into a vibrant dance of hues, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty surrounding us. Experience a journey that transcends mere images, inviting you to immerse yourself in the abstract world of colors.


with augmented reality (AR) viewing roomAR support Find your perfect match, make a snapshot or clip and show it to your friends. Improve your home or office with beautiful, meditative art!

The Art of Perception

Explore how EuropasFarben redefines beauty in nature. This collection transcends the ordinary, focusing on the sublime interplay of natural colors and gradients. It’s not just about the scenery; it’s about the emotion and aura exuded by the colors themselves. Experience art that detaches from the physical world, offering a purely aesthetic bliss.

Augmented Reality Experience

Bring art into your space before purchasing with our cutting-edge AR viewing room. This feature allows you to visualize how each piece harmonizes with your environment, ensuring the art you choose resonates with your personal aesthetic. This is more than just buying art; it’s about creating a personal connection with each piece.

The EuropasFarben Project: A Journey Across Europe

Join Claus Siebeneicher on a captivating journey across Europe, from the icy terrains of Iceland to the sun-kissed shores of Greece. Discover how he captures the elusive magic of colors in the sky, earth, and waters. Each photograph is a testament to the unedited, raw beauty of nature, presented in its original colors straight from the camera. These are more than photographs; they’re windows to unseen worlds.

Impact on Well-Being and Creativity

Dive into how EuropasFarben’s abstract photography can elevate your mental and emotional well-being. The natural colors used in these artworks are not just visually stunning but also serve as catalysts for relaxation, happiness, and creativity. They offer an escape from the daily grind, fostering a sense of peace and inspiring creative thought.

Eco-Conscious Art Licensing

Learn why EuropasFarben opts for digital licensing over physical prints. This sustainable approach not only reduces ecological impact but also supports local economies. With each purchase, you receive the freedom to print the artwork locally, up to three times, ensuring you get the highest quality prints while contributing to environmental conservation.

Personalizing Your Space with EuropasFarben

EuropasFarben’s AR tool revolutionizes the way you select art for your home or office. Experiment with different sizes and styles effortlessly, ensuring that the artwork you choose fits perfectly in your intended space. This tool is more than a convenience; it’s a gateway to making informed, confident choices in your art selections.


EuropasFarben is more than a collection; it’s a new way to experience art. It’s a journey through Europe’s heart, a dive into the depths of color and emotion. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your living space or searching for that perfect piece that speaks to your soul, EuropasFarben offers a unique, immersive experience. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, share your thoughts, and let’s explore the world of abstract beauty together.