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If you have such a picture in your room or office if will be a wonderful source of energy every day you wake up. We have already explained how to find the colour best suited to your own personality and we will shortly continue with some articles that help you to find the colour you like most in your room.

Be sure to take into account that in this article we will speak of the colours, not the names, which is always subjective, we will recommend certain colours for certain personality types.

Blue Colours

There is a saying, “Blue is the colour of dreamers”, maybe because this colour is associated with idealism, dreaminess, loneliness and above all, to the higher powers, to God. Many people feel this colour has an illusory quality, as if a part of them is not able to be properly focused on anything. However, blue is a colour that is not easily read by the human eye, it’s a colour you need to look at from far away to really grasp it.

Blue will help you to focus, calm, bring tranquility. In fact, blue is the best choice for people with an active energy because this colour is associated with power, high self-esteem and virility.

A good quality blue will help you to achieve those goals. It will also work well for teenagers who need to have fun. In the bedroom this colour will promote strong sexual feelings, but also stability, comfort and tranquility.

TIP: Make the most of your feelings about blue by making your home the colour of blue.

If your bedroom is dark and uninteresting, paint your walls with a light blue.

Yellow Colours

Yellow is the colour of the sun, and consequently is an excellent colour to take with you in the sun. The yellow is cheerful, active and full of life. It is a good colour if you like a more feminine type of colour and is a colour that will help you to feel more comfortable when taking part in social situations.

Yellow is the best choice for children who need energy and freshness, although if you are like this also, you should be careful not to become too childish and take it as a constant friend, you must use it as it can be useful, helping you to feel more connected. In the bedroom, yellow will help you to get up in the morning, and will also work to improve your digestion.

TIP: If your bedroom is dark, a colour like yellow can brighten it up and is good for helping you to feel better after a hard night.

If your bedroom is not well lit, consider using a colour like yellow.

Purple Colours

If you have a strong personality, this is a colour that may be not so good for you. When choosing a colour, think about your colour schemes, take your tastes into account. This colour can be fun to use if you need some activity and stimulation, as well as to help you feel more relaxed. In the bedroom, purple is a colour that can create a very strong sexual relationship.

TIP: In the bedroom, if you are looking for a strong colour, purple is not the best choice.

It is not recommended to use purple in the bedroom.

Light Blue Colours

If you are looking for a colour that will help you to relax and get ready to have a good night’s sleep, blue light is a perfect choice. Blue light will help you relax, and will even help you to sleep.

TIP: Take advantage of your good feelings with this colour. You can make your life a little happier with the blue light colour.

Choose a light blue colour if you want to relax and get ready for bed.

Red Colours

A colour that may not be good for some people, it is the red colour. The red colour is warm, active and stimulating, but at the same time very strong and dangerous.

If you have a strong personality, you should be careful with this colour, you should choose the lightest tones. If you have problems like anger, worry or an inability to concentrate, red can be dangerous, and can cause people who live with you to feel anxious.

TIP: Keep in mind that if you have a strong personality, you need to be careful with this colour.

The colour red is best for people who need less intensity.

Green Colours

You can also choose this colour, for the plant lovers, or if you like natural colours. The green colour is a colour of nature, and helps to make you feel at ease.

TIP: If you are looking for a colour that will help you to relax, green is a perfect choice.

When choosing a colour, a green that will help you relax.

Pink Colours

If you want a soft colour, pink is your colour, because pink is a soft, sweet colour, which is nice to look at, and you can choose any colour you like, and the colour pink can even be monochromatic or multicolour, but will still remain very pleasant.

If you need to be stimulated and be able to function, pink is a good colour, because it’s a warm colour, and the colour of the heart.

TIP: Pink is the colour of softness, serenity, and happiness.

A soft pink is a good choice if you need to feel peaceful.

The Yellow

If you want a very warm colour that can also be cool, if you are looking for a colour that will help you feel happy, you can choose the yellow colour.