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Elisa had been working on renovating her office for months and was finally ready to add the finishing touches. She wanted to add some wall art to brighten up the space, but wasn’t sure what would look best. That’s when she discovered EuropasFarben, a website that offered a wide selection of high-quality photographs for sale.

Elisa browsed through the website, taking in all of the beautiful artworks on offer. She couldn’t decide on just one photograph, so she decided to try out the website’s augmented reality (AR) tool to see how each of the photographs would look in her office.

With the AR tool, Elisa was able to point her smartphone at the wall where she wanted to hang the photograph and see a virtual representation of it in real time. She was amazed at how accurate the tool was and how well the photographs fit into her space. She experimented with different sizes, trying to find the perfect match.

After an hour of trying out different options, Elisa finally found the perfect photograph. It was a stunning abstract work, with the perfect blend of blue and green tones that matched the color scheme of her office. She felt confident in her decision to purchase the photograph because she had been able to see it in her space before committing to the purchase.

Elisa placed her order, received the licence and high resolution file which she had printed at the local print-shop  and frame maker. Elisa eagerly waited for the photograph to arrive. When it did just after one day, she hung it up on the wall and stood back to admire it. It fit perfectly into her office and brought a sense of calm and tranquility to the space. She was so glad she had used EuropasFarben’s AR tool to help her make the decision – it had saved her so much time and hassle.

From that day on, Elisa always turned to EuropasFarben whenever she needed to purchase wall art for her home or office. She knew that the website’s AR tool would help her find the perfect piece every time.