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EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe

What is beauty, the location the object?

How does beauty come about, how does beauty come about in nature? What role does the object, the location, what role does theColours play?

The works from the EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe collection show this in a wonderful way. Developed from an experiment, a special photographic technique combined with a reduction and concentration of perception on natural colours and gradients.

The beauty of nature, the play of colours, detached from the object.

Balance and diversity

The places of origin are known but irrelevant, it is only the depiction of the beauty and the peculiarity and diversity of the colours in almost any place in Europe. Deprived of their representational quality, the resulting works fit harmoniously into their surroundings and create spaces, places that can have a relaxing, almost meditative, balancing effect on the viewer.

Individual, off the beaten track

The photographic works of the EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe series also set an active counterpoint to the increasingly developing photographic mass tourism, the individual and almost isolated tourist “hotspots” where the masses concentrate, with all the negative consequences for the environment and Nature. Places that many know and that have been photographed a million times, but have seldom been really emotionally experienced and are gradually falling victim to mass tourism. Points of tourist concentration mainly caused by influencer posts in social media.

The works of the EuropasFarben – Colours of Europe Collection clearly show that the beauty and the wonderful can exist anywhere, be it in the vicinity of places where the masses meet or in almost unknown places.

None of the works come from such a ‘famous’ location – but some come from the region, from the quiet a few kilometres away. Beauty that is perceived. From Iceland to Scotland to the Aegean Sea, from the southern tip of Portugal to the rough north of Norway. This also reflects the beauty of Europe in an abstract way – as EuropasFarben.

EuropasFarben are not just a statement, the collection fascinates with its composition and color scheme.

It is for you

It is exactly the pictures that suit you and that you have been waiting for so long.

The large format prints could be a wonderful addition to your home, company or office, but unfortunately you cannot buy finished prints.

Sorry, you can’t buy a print

It is only available digitally, as a numbered and signed personal copy with a digital signature, as a file and as a virtual model. If you are one of the lucky ones who have got hold of a digital copy and still want to hang a real copy of EuropasFarben as a real object on the wall, with the purchase you receive the authorisation to make up to three prints in the highest quality on any material.